Tuna salad

Ingredients for preparing tuna salad:

1- Cooked potatoes 2 pieces

2- Canned corn one measure

3- Canned tuna

4- Olive oil 1 tbsp

5- Lemon juice in the required amount

6- Canned beans

7- Mushrooms

8- Lettuce

9- Some olives


Salt and pepper as needed

Boil the tuna and beans in some water for 20 minutes, then cook the potatoes and finely chop the mushrooms and lettuce and mash the tuna with the help of a fork. Properly pour the salt and olive oil and lemon juice along with the canned corn, add to the mixture and add some olive rings to the salad as desired. Add to the salad.

Cover the dish with cellophane and rest in the refrigerator for an hour to an hour and a half, after which you can serve.

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