Molded pilaf with tuna and potatoes

Ingredients for cooking molded pilaf with tuna, potatoes and mushrooms:

1- Two-measure rice

2- One onion

3- Garlic of two cloves

4- Mushrooms to the desired extent

5- Tomato paste 1 tbsp

6- Brew saffron as needed

7- Oil, salt and spices as needed

8- One onion

9- Canned tuna

10- Chopped parsley with the desired amount


Boil canned tuna in water for 20 minutes.

- Drain the rice and set aside.

- Remove the tuna from the oil

- Cut the potato into rings and place it under the bottom of the dish you want. Finely chop the potatoes.

Finely chop the mushrooms and then fry the potatoes and mushrooms in some good oil.

Finely chop the onion and garlic and fry in fish oil, then fry the mushrooms, fish and potatoes in a separate pan and set aside on a medium heat.

Heat a Teflon pot with a little oil, put the sliced potatoes on the bottom of it and pour some drained rice with chopped parsley on it, then add the Negini potatoes, add some rice again, and then add the fish and mushroom meat mixture.

And add the rest of the rice and mix some brewed saffron with a little salt and pour it on the rice and with the help of a spoon, flatten it with a little pressure to make the pilaf a little more cohesive. Put the brewing pot on the pot and give it 30 minutes.

After the rice is well brewed, wait for the pot to cool down a bit after the desired time, then serve in the desired dish.

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