Tuna fish cutlet

Ingredients for cooking fish cutlets:

1. One onion

2 - finely chopped parsley two tablespoons

3. A can of tuna

4- Garlic three cloves

5- Two tablespoons of flour

6- Two eggs

7- Salt oil and black pepper as needed



Beat the eggs for 2 minutes.

Then add salt and black pepper to the egg and mix. Add the grated onion to the egg. And little by little we add flour to the ingredients. Boil the tuna in water for 20 minutes, then remove the oil, chop the meat and add to the egg and onion mixture. After the cutlet is ready, take some of the cutlet material and shape it in your hand and fry it in a pan containing hot oil. After finishing the work, serve it with some fresh and hot vegetables.

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